The transformation I have made from a woman who was fearful to look in the mirror— from a woman who was crippled all of her adult life with fear and panic—a woman who became very good at hiding those feelings—to a dynamic and powerful best-selling author, motivational speaker, and successful business woman who is inspiring thousands of women around the country to CHANGE has been a journey of faith and dedication.  I love looking out into the faces of women in the audience—women who, just like me were created for greatness, but what THEY see in the mirror doesn’t reflect the #PowerWoman that they are—I love looking into their faces and watching them wide-eyed as I share my own story, my own journey—and the tears sting as they think to themselves…”she’s talking about ME.”

I love sharing my journey because in the telling people are set free.

WE were designed for greatness, we were #MadeForMore and if we open ourselves up to CHANGE we can all walk in #MiracleTerritory and according to #GodsPlan for our lives!  Change is never easy, but living a life of mediocrity is as close to death as I want to come while I still have breath inside of me!  I wasted way too much time worrying about what others thought of me, and feeling invisible. 

I challenge YOU to transform your life with me!  Re-write your own story, star in your own movie, and MAKE UP YOUR MIND that you will no longer accept a life of ‘less than’.  You can have the life you want, the health you want, the money you want, the relationship that you want. I believe you can have it all…it’s time to walk into your destiny.  It’s time to change!  I can show you how!!