Tracee Randall is a speaker, an author and an advocate for women business owners, and she has been a career entrepreneur for over 30 years. Specializing in corporate relocation and property management, she and her husband founded WIN Marketing, Inc, in 1990 which grew to a $4 Million business, and they have created very successful global teams in several Direct Sales companies.
Tracee’s position with the American Anti-Cancer Institute, a non-profit that educates on the natural treatment of cancer and other diseases, has thrust her into a personal crusade to empower families to change their health legacy and she has dedicated the last 10 years to this effort, founding her own company Generational Health.
She is a contributing author in the best selling book series  “The Change–Insights to Empowerment” with celebrity coaches Jim Britt and Jim Lutes, and co-published and contributed to “The Voice That Changed Everything” as well as the first 2 books in the series “Insider Tips: 100 Innovative Ways to Increase Profit”. She is also the author of her own book “The FASTest Way to God’s Favor and Blessing” and the popular multi-media programs “Get MAD About Cancer” and “Make Up Your Mind”.
She and her business partner Carol Neal co-founded Atlanta Business Spotlight in 2015, a company that promotes small businesses and entrepreneurs. They train on branding, networking, mindset, and team-building, put on major events and offer a variety of coaching programs and workshops through The MillionHEIR Academy. In 2016 they took over Xperience Connections, a 15-year established networking organization for women, where Tracee is the CMO, that’s Chief Motivational Officer…a perfect position for a woman of her faith, enthusiasm and personality. She is known as the Soapbox Diva for her passion for telling the hard truths and her dedication to helping generations create a legacy of faith, health and wealth.