God’s Promises– The Promise of FAVOR and COURAGE

 #FASTingChampions! I spoke last night on my devotion about the PROMISES of God– I promised that I would begin to share those promises scripturally with you– we must CLAIM all of God’s promises over our lives– HE has promised us some things and we are not walking in the fullness that He has for us. […]

My Heart is Breaking…..

My heart is truly breaking…It’s not just one thing…it’s day after day watching young people who are being diagnosed with horrific diseases– young people in pain– people in their 30’s and 40’s being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease– living in pain– mostly, and sadly because of lifestyle choices that we have all made and […]

Our Journey Begins–The Long Good-Bye

OUR NEW JOURNEY 8-31-17 I knew it when the phone rang yesterday. I looked down at it, saw the caller and prepared my heart. ❤️ It was a moment that we had anticipated coming…..but just didn’t know when. It was a call we talked about, discussed….but it was hanging over us like a looming shadow–waiting […]

The Whisper of the Ram

“Every time I’ve climbed the mountain like Abraham did, in faith, I know that God has a ram in the bush. He ALWAYS provides me a way out.”~~Tracee How many times in my life have I felt hopeless and fearful about my circumstances and AT THE LAST moment God has provided EXACTLY what I needed?  There’s […]

Standing on the Edge of the Promised Land

Standing on the Edge of the Promised Land      Today I feel a bit like Joshua must have felt….standing there next to Caleb…..with thousands of his people behind him…..that morning that He heard God say, “It’s yours, Jacob. After walking in the dessert for all these many years, after eating nothing but manna, after having […]

Yul-Tide Blessing-Yul’s Story

Yul-Tide Blessing- Yul’s Story That’s what I love about walking in #MiracleTerritory, you just never know when your life will change and suddenly you are going in a new, exciting direction—experiencing new adventure. That’s what happened the day we met Yul.  Neither one of us could have expected what happened that day.  You wake up […]

Shouldn’t We FAST in Secret?!

Should We FAST in Secret?! 12/22) VIDEO 8: Shouldn’t You FAST in Secret?   I am excited about this video because many times when you share with people that you are about to begin a FAST in January, you might hear them say something like–“Oh– the Bible says that you should FAST in secret! First of […]

The Land of Milk & Honey- Watch out for the Giants!

Great morning CHAMPIONS!  Let me tell you this morning about the Land of Milk and honey.  You may  remember the story.  Moses led the Hebrew people out of Egypt and the people he led saw miracles.  God parted the Red Sea and defeated the enemy and the people saw it.  They SAW the miracles.  God […]