It’s Time to Walk in #MiracleTerritory in our Health!

It’s Time to Walk in #MiracleTerritory in our Health!

  According to Bob Wright, the founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute & the author of Killing Cancer Not People, “Cancer should be a rare and curable disease of the immune system!”

So if it should be rare, and it should be curable, why is it the #1 killer of our children today? Why will 1 in 2 men be diagnosed with it this year?  Ladies- this means our husbands, our fathers, our sons–my question to you is this– are you willing to take the risk that it will happen to you? It’s  time to stop this epidemic and prevent it from taking anymore of our time, energy and money.

I believe that it’s time to #GetMADaboutCancer!  That means to “Make A Decision” that cancer won’t touch us or the ones we love!  But how?  How can we stand a chance to beat those odds?  There’s a 50/50 chance that someone we love will be sitting in a chemo lab this year!

We all truthfully know what to do to lose weight, to be healthy, to reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes–so why don’t we do it?  It’s too hard some might say!  But this cancer thing— it’s a matter of life and death. Or QUALITY of life and death. Cancer is an epidemic and it’s only going to get worse. Unless you are willing to change. It’s no longer a matter of “IF”, it’s a matter of “WHEN”– so what should we do?!  I’ll admit it seems quite complicated but truthfully sometimes I think we just make it too hard.

Bob Wright has put together an incredible educational book that shares powerful information that could save your life. I have been helping people nutritionally since 2008 using his simple protocol and have outlined it in a 2-hour DVD workshop called “Get MAD about Cancer–Make A Decision that Cancer Won’t Touch You or the Ones You Love”.  It’s all about 2 things really– reduce the amount of chemicals that are going into your body as much as possible AND take a strong powerful nutritional supplement that boosts the immune system!  I recommend 2 product lines that will do just that–Reliv NOW or Juice Plus.  Both of these products are whole food supplements and go to the cellular level to boost and build the immune system which is the biggest key to prevention. If your immune system is strong your body can fight almost any disease. 

How do you know if your immune system is strong enough to prevent cancer?  Great question– if you suffer from allergies, asthma, catch colds more than once a year, get strep throat occasionally, if you deal with digestive issues or chronic headaches– if you’re tired much of the time or can’t sleep– these are all signs of a weakened immune system and you are at risk of disease–cancer.  Take inventory of the last 6-12 months–most people are dealing with some or all of these issues.  But I don’t leave you with all “bad news”– I KNOW we can change the course of history and stop, beat, prevent this epidemic from reaching us.  Is it going to be easy?  Probably not.  Is it going to be worth it.  You be the judge.  Your life depends on it and the life of your children for generations to come.  I believe we can and deserve to walk in #MiracleTerritory in our health!!

Here are some simple steps you should follow today:

  1. Go to my website & purchase my 2-Hour DVD workshop “Get MAD about Cancer” & Bob’s book “Killing Cancer–Not People” –the set is just $40 & will educate you on 5 simple steps to follow & the real truth about the “Cancer Business.”
  2. Over a 6-month period start making the changes that I outline on the DVD, the most important being get on a whole food supplement to boost your immune system.  Lots of information on Reliv & Juice Plus can be found on my website.
  3. Once a week listen to my recorded calls that will encourage and educate you on simple steps you can continue to take to live a healthy life.  For a complete listing of calls go to my website/ Tracee’s Arsenal/ Tracee’s Weekly Calls.
  4. I offer a 1-hour strategy session to discuss your current health concerns and recommend the nutritional supplement that best suits your needs and will jump start you to making serious and important changes that will impact your health and that of your family in a powerful way. The #MiracleTerritory Strategy Session is $75 with additional sessions available at $50 per hour or $25 per half hour. I limit these sessions to a total of 10 per month so contact me via email to schedule. (For more information click HERE)
  5. When you are truly ready to take control of your health I am waiting to help you. I take a maximum of 10 clients per month and my #MiracleTerritory Wellness Plan is a “let’s get this done” program that will change everything about your health–body, mind & spirit. It’s intense and it works. We do all sessions over the phone and fit it into your schedule. The program is $1,000 for 30-Days. It is obviously only for those who are serious about their health AND THE HEALTH of their families for generations.  Go to my website for the details. click HERE for the link. I am booked 60 days in advance so contact me today to secure your spot.

At the end of the day we are either teaching our children how to live healthy or how to live with disease. We are rolling the dice and unless we change some things the odds are against us. I am not a doom and gloom person. But I am willing to share the truth in love. I have watched too many children suffer needlessly because we are too lazy, too stubborn, too busy, too ignorant to stop and realize the we are in a crisis situation and it’s up to us to take control of our own health.  It’s time to quit playing games, quit thinking only about today and invest in our future!

I give away a lot of FREE information on health and on business on my website. I do a free call every Monday at noonEST (Tracee’s Arsenal) that will equip you with valuable information that will help you make these changes.  I am a Christian. I believe God heals us and will answer our prayers. But He expects us to use wisdom and the vast knowledge of others AND to do our part.

Please don’t be a statistic. We can’t do everything but we can do something. Do something. It starts with making a decision.

Let’s walk in #MiracleTerritory in our health and change the future of our family for generations!