My Heart is Breaking…..

My heart is truly breaking…It’s not just one thing…it’s day after day watching young people who are being diagnosed with horrific diseases– young people in pain– people in their 30’s and 40’s being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease– living in pain– mostly, and sadly because of lifestyle choices that we have all made and some, still making.

Or worse yet, taking on family members who can no longer think for themselves with this onslought (is that word?) of Alzheimer’s and dementia. Like cancer, we are just taking it for granted that as we get older we lose our memory! People! #StopTheMadness.

It IS going to take making changes, and making them quickly. Results will be this– continue living in pain or change. How hard does the nail you are sleeping on have to hurt before you get up and change? Truly my heart is breaking. Is it that they do not know or they don’t want to know? Which is it?

The other epidemic that is causing my heart to pump out of our chest is what we are spending our hard-earned money on. Things that DO NOT MATTER– and yes, I AM preaching to the choir but at some point we have to change that too. People tell me they can’t afford my services or a natural protocol and the next moment I see them on an incredible vacation at the beach or jetsetting across the country or buying shoes, clothes, new devices…that simply do not matter! And the whole time asking for prayer for the illness/pain/issue they are dealing with. Really? Is this what we have come to?

Good health isn’t complicated. Stop putting chemicals in your body and on your body and find a great nutritional supplement that will BOOST your immune system. If you don’t know what that is, email me. I’ll send you the info. But don’t waste my time or yours if you aren’t going to change anything.

In pain? Stop eating crap. Stop eating sugar. You CAN do that. I shared earlier today on my “Tracee’s Arsenal” that my mom has now gone over 5 weeks without her daily diet soda which she thought she HAD TO HAVE every morning. And she has completely cut out bread and coisants and sugary desserts. Guess what? She FEELS better and looks healthier (skin is glowing!) and looks younger too.

Feel addicted to these things? Consider joining me at the first of 2018 for our 21-day Daniel FAST (we will eat fruits and vegetables for 21 days!) and let’s detox this stuff out of our bodies and get healthy! To find out more about the Daniel FAST or to get my FREE “12 Step Guide to AMAZING HEALTH!” EMAIL me–

I know this sounds more like a ‘vent’ or a ‘rant’ than my normal ‘feel good’ posts. But my heart is breaking and I can’t stop thinking about it. Our next generation DESERVES better. They deserve to THINK. They deserve for us to THINK.

I’m done. #JustForToday #BeBold #OnMySoapbox