New Year’s Eve– Thank God for Closed Doors!

Thank God for Closed Doors…..12/31/15–Gonna be a lot of reflection today about 2015 and excitement for the hope of a New Year.  2015 has been one of the most exciting of my life.  But early in the year a huge door was SHUT in my face and what seemed like my hope for my future […]


Watch Video #3—(P.S.– the enemy has attacked my phone, lol–the video is fuzzy but you can HEAR it so all is good.  New phone on Friday, so future videos will be crisp and clear!– The enemy will do everything in his power to try to stop this message, but GREATER is HE that is in […]


FAST 2016 FASTing releases the POWER of God on your life!  Whether you have FASTed many times or have never experienced it before, I invite you to come walk with us in #MiracleTerritory in 2016 and according to #GodsPlan!  I have created a series of videos that will teach you WHEN we should FAST, WHY […]

Beneath the Veil– The Sealed Letters

BENEATH THE VEIL–THE SEALED LETTERS. 10/29/15. Myrtle Beach As Bobby and I were packing to head to the beach (I KNOW it’s October LOL) to officially celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary, I suddenly remembered some letters I had written as a young girl! I hadn’t thought about this tin box for many years, it was […]

What Has Been Holding You Back?!

What has been holding you back?!  — 2015 has been a year of amazing miracles for me.  All of you know my hashtag (#MiracleTerritory) has developed because of all the incredible miracles that God has taken me to and through!  What an incredible journey!!! It’s difficult to put it into words but I am going […]

Lord, give me a Rebekah spirit

A couple of days ago a new woman that I had met over the phone felt it in her spirit to say this, “From now on, I am going to call you Rebekah.”   I laughed, and said, “Ok” and we hung up.  Within moments the phone rang.  “Tracee,” she apologized, “I should never have said […]

How I Got Married in the Hospital

I write here tonight, exactly 1 year since I first wrote this 4-part series.  I am combining it into 1 blog tonight…I KNOW that there are those of you out there who will be blessed by this work, by this WORD.  Read it and share it as the spirit leads you!  It is the eve of […]