Shouldn’t We FAST in Secret?!

Should We FAST in Secret?!

12/22) VIDEO 8: Shouldn’t You FAST in Secret?   I am excited about this video because many times when you share with people that you are about to begin a FAST in January, you might hear them say something like–“Oh– the Bible says that you should FAST in secret! First of all, what we are doing together is a “corporate FAST” and coming together as a body to dedicate the first 21 days of the year to the Lord and seeking His will IS Biblical and quite okay with God. The scripture that people are referring to when they say that is in Matthew 6. First Jesus teaches the diciples HOW to pray– (The Lord’s Prayer–we are going to talk more about that later!) and then He goes on to talk to them about some things they SHOULD do and some things they SHOULDN’T do. Jesus rebukes the Pharisees (these were religious scholars who were constantly seeking attention because of that knowledge and Jesus was in constant conflict with them) so Jesus says to His diciples– (I am paraphrasing) Don’t be like the Pharisees. They walk around town bragging about Fasting and wearing frowns and trying to make people think they are better than everyone else because they know the law. Please watch the video to better understand the power of a CORPORATE FAST– and some ideas of how and when to tell people about your FAST! I encourage you (if you feel comfortable with it!) to invite others to join us in seeking God for HIS direction in 2016! Many more people need to hear and learn about this! There is plenty of room in #MiracleTerritory, and our God is a BIG BIG GOD! He delights in us walking in our destiny and loves giving us the delights of our hearts! #FAST2016 #GodsPlan #ExpectMiracles