The FAST of 2015 collides with the FAST of 2016—God has bigger plans than we can dream or imagine!

It is no secret that we have FASTed with our church, Free Chapel Worship Center every year for 15+ years the first 21-Days of the year.  It is no secret that God has answered so many prayers for our family through FASTing.  Prayers of deliverance.  Prayers of healing.  Prayers of abundance.

Last year, however, I went into the FAST KNOWING something had to be DIFFERENT. I felt this incredible sense of urgency, that it was TIME for God to do something.  I went into that FAST EXPECTING MIRACLES.  I asked God to show me WHAT I was designed to do. I asked Him to show me my destiny, why He created me!  During the FAST of 2015, God revealed to me my purpose—He told me that I am designed to be a ‘healer’—to help people to heal in their bodies, in their minds and in their spirits…..

After revealing that to me in January, 2015, He gave me idea after idea that was creative, amazing, powerful and helped me walk into that passion and destiny that He had for me!  It was awesome, and by May of 2015 I knew I had tapped into #MiracleTerritory! 

I have been a Wellness/Success Coach for several years, and have seen wonderful success in helping families heal naturally of diseases such as cancer, and have been using a protocol found in a book, “Killing Cancer—Not People.”  The author of the book, Bob Wright, is a well-known health advocate and travels the country educating on the natural treatment of cancer, and is also the founder of a large non-profit, the American Anti-Cancer Institute.  Since I had been using HIS protocol for several years, I asked God during the FAST of 2015 to allow me to ‘meet and have coffee with Bob Wright’ and that he would endorse me as a Wellness Coach and allow me to publically use his protocol.  I wrote his name on a notecard along with my other prayers attached to the FAST and looked at it daily.

Great things happened—miracle after miracle began happening—things that were bigger and more amazing than I have time to explain here.  BUT—in October, 2015 I was ‘minding my own business’ when I received a call from – well, you guessed it—Bob Wright!!  Through a series of miracles he had heard about me!  We talked, we laughed (he lives in Seattle) and while we were comparing notes and after he gave me his blessing to mention his name whenever I wanted, God nudged me to ask him to come to Atlanta to speak.  He immediately agreed!!  We compared our calendars, set the date for January 23, 2016 and began planning for the event.

On January 3, 2016 God nudged me to create an on-line FASTing group for people who did not know about FASTing or who wanted to be a part.  It was amazing.  Over 200 people joined us from around the world (we have several from Africa and at least 1 from Canada) and together we FASTed and prayed for each other—on line!!  I invited those in the Atlanta area to join me in my home on Sundays from 3pm-6pm and we worshipped, prayed and I taught on FASTing (yes, taking much of what I taught from YOUR sermons, Pastor Franklin!)—God moved mightily in that group and some were saved, some were delivered, but ALL were changed!!!

As the end of the FAST of 2016 approached, I counted 21 days from the 3rd and realized that our final day to FAST was 1/23/16……suddenly it hit me!  Bob Wright was going to be in Atlanta at our event speaking on the final day of our 21-day FAST!  God had seen fit to answer this prayer in such a big God-like way!  Not only did I have coffee with Bob Wright, but I had the honor of speaking on the same stage with this incredible man.  I learned he was in fact, a Christian, a Godly man—full of compassion and a heart to help hurting people.

Tracee & Bob CloseUp

But God wasn’t finished.  At the event in a private dinner afterwards, Bob revealed to us that he was about to receive a huge trust that would enable him  to build several wellness facilities in cities around the world.  We would grow our own organic food, have natural medicine and a place for people (especially children) to heal.  And best of all, it would be FREE to those who needed it the most.  FREE.  And he looked at me and said these words, “I want YOU to run the Atlanta one, and I am building it second, right after Seattle.”  With tears streaming, speechless at God’s goodness, I could only shake my head and agree.  I am still reeling and know that God is still going to surprise us with more…..there is so much more.  So much more.   Tracee & Bob Hugging

Thank you, Jentezen Franklin, thank you Free Chapel.  Thank you God.  Many many people will be healed in their bodies….in their minds….and in their spirits!  Walking in #MiracleTerritory.

Come join us!  There’s plenty of room in #MiracleTerritory!  Let’s #ExpectMiracles together!  We are so excited about what God is doing that we have decided to call yet another 21-Day FAST and invite others to join us!

If you would like to join us, here’s what you need to do:  Go to FACEBOOK and friend me:  Tracee Smith Randall.  Send me a private message that you want to be a part.  Our next FAST begins 2/8/16!

White Cover FAST 2-8-16