The Land of Milk & Honey- Watch out for the Giants!

Great morning CHAMPIONS!  Let me tell you this morning about the Land of Milk and honey.  You may  remember the story.  Moses led the Hebrew people out of Egypt and the people he led saw miracles.  God parted the Red Sea and defeated the enemy and the people saw it.  They SAW the miracles.  God supplied food in the form of Manna as they then wandered aimlessly in the desert for 40 years.  They were looking for the promised land, the land of milk & honey but they could not find it. What God saw was a group of people with a slave mentality. What he saw was a group of people filled with fear and no vision. He knew that even if they stood on the edge of the promised land they would only see the GIANTS, the enemy who could defeat them.  He had to kill them off!  He had to have them wander aimlessly in the desert while a whole new generation was birthed!
That’s where we are today. We are standing at the edge of the promised land looking in and what we focus on is the key to wandering aimlessly or stepping in. Some of us are tired.  2015 was a long year.  We look back in wonder at how we made it through and how we can keep walking in this heat of a desert.
When the people of Isreal finally stood on the edge of the promised land Moses sent in 12 spies to check it out, 10 came back defeated before they even began. They focused only on the Giants they saw.  The Giants are your problems.  Your bills, your sickness, your debt–your marriage, your past failure–whatever saps the energy from you. Your problems are still in the promised land!
But 2 of the spies saw the Giants and said, “We can defeat those Giants!”  Our God is bigger than they are!  And then they began to focus on the huge harvest and abundance they saw there!  The grapes were huge, there was more than enough!
I feel like we are just 7 days away from our journey into the promised land.  The first days of 2016 will set the tone for the rest of the year.  The Giants will try to block you from walking into your destiny.  The enemy will rise up and tell you lies to keep you from your harvest.  As you stand ready to walk in the Giants will lock arms and tell you it’s not for you.  The Giant may come from the people closest to you.
The 10 spies became the Giants of defeat.  They yelled the loudest when they should have been claiming their harvest too. “Let’s go back” they shouted!  “This FAST is too hard” they screamed!  “It’s a waste of time” they murmured and complained. “It’s not for us” they declared.
God agreed because they weren’t ready.  They could have had it all but they had grown comfortable in the desert.  They were complacent and satisfied with “just enough”.  They had their manna and tho it had no flavor it kept their bellies full.
Joshua and Caleb were the 2 spies who saw the fruit instead of the problems.  They never forgot the promise and they were willing to do whatever it took to step onto and into the promised land.  (Joshua 14:12).  They claimed the land God had promised them!
I see in my spirit that the next 7 days are going to be the hardest of the year so far.  Our Giants are going to rise up and seem big to us.  The FAST is the promised land. It’s the land of milk and honey on the other side, God’s promises to us, in fact miracles!  But the Giant of fear, the Giant of unpaid bills and lack of time and our flesh not being willing to give up even the simplest of things is going to rear its head and try to stop you.  You will have to make a decision this week. Are you going to focus on the problems or the solution?  Are you going to stay in your comfort zone or walk out in Faith?
If the promise wasn’t so big there would be no need for the Giants.  We are fighting a battle within ourselves.  You can be like Joshua and Caleb or you can be like the 10 spies. Notice we don’t know their names.
What Giants are you fighting that are trying to stop you from going on this FAST with us?!
Defeat. Not in my vocabulary. And hear me. I am preaching to myself this morning.  The bigger the promise the bigger the battle.  Don’t allow nothing or no one to stop you from this journey.  And take it seriously.  Don’t play with it.  This is a year of miracles.   2016.  The year of miracles. Don’t be afraid!!!!! For I am with you says the Lord!!!! Don’t look back at the Giants that tried to take you down in 2015!!!!  They are defeated cause you’re still standing.
Here we go!!!!!  Who is with me??!  God is waiting for us to step out in faith and He is with us!! If God be for us who can be against us!  Amen!  I’m preaching myself happy this morning!  #FAST2016 #ExpectMIRACLES