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More Water In May

   Week 1 of my program, 50 Weeks & 50 New Habits is all about WATER—we all know it, we have all heard it—every diet plan, every health practitioner, even every medical doctor will tell you that drinking water, and enough of it is essential to your health.  Let’s make sure that we know how […]

Is Coffee Bad For You?

Week 10, Day 5  Dropping Acid! We can all agree that drinking sodas and coffee is bad for us– hands down I can’t think of anyone or any organization that tries to make us believe that sodas have any ‘good’ qualities, but the jury is still out on coffee.  I personally believe that it’s the […]

Dropping Acid

This is a topic that I am very excited about- there will be LOTS of education this week because I believe that as you are INFORMED on the seriousness of this you will make some changes that WILL impact your health and the health of your children– Generational Health–which is my mission. This week we […]