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It is so important that we realize the power of FASTing in our lives– and in the world we are living it FASTing will release strongholds that have come against our families, our lives and our nation!  In the coming weeks the election is a crucial time in the our nation.  Our pastor has called us to FAST November 6-8, 2016 to PRAY, FAST & VOTE!  Take a look at this video about the power of FASTing prior to the election!



FASTing releases the POWER of God on your life!  Whether you have FASTed many times or have never experienced it before, I invite you to come walk with us in #MiracleTerritory in 2016 and according to #GodsPlan!  I have created a series of videos that will teach you WHEN we should FAST, WHY we should FAST and HOW to FAST— watch the videos in order–they are all short (about 7 minutes).  We are PREPARING our MINDS, BODIES AND SPIRITS to FAST together the first 21-days of the New Year!  Our 2016 FAST begins on 1/3/16 and will end 21 days later– 1/23/16.

If you would like to be a part of our private Facebook group to support each other and pray for each other during this FAST2016, FRIEND me on FACEBOOK and join the group, FAST 2016!

WE WILL BE FASTING THE FIRST 21 DAYS OF 2017— STAY TUNED FOR MORE INFO ABOUT JOINING OUR ONLINE FACEBOOK GROUP TO JOIN US!  Our 2017 FAST will begin the 1st Sunday in January!  There’s power in FASTing and seeking God the first of each year!  Don’t miss it!!

VIDEO 1- Welcome to the FASTing Group

Video 2–WHEN we should FAST

Video 3– WHY We FAST

Video 4–HOW We FAST

Video 5–The Daniel FAST

I will be adding new videos daily as we PREPARE FOR THE FAST OF 2016.  If you have any questions or want to be a part of our FACEBOOK group, email me:

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Fasting Boook Cover

We are walking in #MiracleTerritory and according to #GodsPlan!

Video 6- “The FASTest Way to God’s Favor and Blessing- How to Walk in Miracle Territory”

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Video 7-  12/21/15–Should Our Children FAST?

Video #8- (12/22) Shouldn’t You FAST in Secret?

Video 9- How Do I Stay Committed to the FAST?  “The worst thing I can imagine is ending 2016 the same way I began it.  Committing to seek God for your life and for HIS plan for your life will change everything!  If you are willing to seek the Lord with us during this 21-Day FAST, God will show you some things that will bless you and change you!  Watch this video to learn more about how to stay FOCUSED and committed for the 21 days!

Video 10–Staying Committed to the FAST- Part 2– How do you stay focused and committed to your FAST when everyone around you is eating?  Can you go to a restaurant and still FAST?

Video 11- The Next 7 Days are the Most Important!  Yes! The next 7 days the enemy will come and try to take away your commitment to FASTing. Being prayed up and mentally and physically prepared is so important! #FAST2016

Video 12-  Preparing Your Body, Mind and Spirit!

How do you prepare the last few days before the FAST? Forgiveness is key!

ORDER YOUR FASTING BOOK/JOURNAL to help you along the way!  There are so many things that I can’t teach you in these videos– and having this book will encourage and help you with your FASTing journey!  To get your book, order HERE and use the coupon code “FAST 2016” to get $5 off your purchase.  You might want to consider also ordering my DVD workshop, “Make Up Your Mind” which is an awesome way to start the New Year!  Check out the combo package:  Click Here! Setting New Year's Package!

Video 13–How Do We Pray? (December 31)-

The Lords Prayer is how Jesus taught the Diciples to PRAY!

HAHA! Just finished this video (1/1/16) and wanted to get us started!  Go ahead and watch this video to get yourself started in just a couple of days!

Video 14- The Enemy Comes To Kill, Steal & Destroy

Don’t allow the enemy to stop you from walking in #MiracleTerritory & according to #GodsPlan for your life! #ExpectMiracles #FAST2016

Video 15– Day 3 of the 21-Day FAST– What are you Listening to?

What are you listening to? What’s at stake? Slow Down to Speed Up– insights to staying on track during week one of our FAST!
Order my FASTing Book to help you understand and stay focused during the FAST. POWERFUL testimonies that will inspire you!

Video 16–Day 4 of the 21-Day FAST– What are you Saying?

You will eat the fruit of your words. That’s so powerful. What are you SAYING? Are you sowing negative or positive words into your life and the lives of others?

Video 17–Day 5–When you FAST Anoint Yourself with Oil  Learn more about our #MiracleTerritory Anointing Oil!

Video 18–Day 6  of the FAST–God Will Restore Marriages

Video 19– It’s Not Too Late– Dig In!  (Day 5)

Video 20–Day 10- Phillipians 4:13

Video 21–Where’s Your Boaz (For the Single Women!)

Video 22– The Prayer of Jabez– It’s time to expand your territory!!

Video 23–#ExpectMidnightMiracles– Day 15 of the 21 day FAST

Video 24- Wow! Day 20 of the 21 Day FAST — This will raise your faith!

Video 25-What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Answer? After the FAST….

Video 26–A Miracle FASTing Testimony


Video 27- FASTing Testimony! Bobby’s Back Healed!   #MiracleTerritoryFAST