Insider Tips–The Book–Why YOU Need It!

Book Cover- 12 experts

What if you were offered the opportunity to sit in the board room of 15 highly successful, affluent and dynamic business owners and entrepreneurs to hear what goes on behind closed doors?   What if you were invited to a VIP round table and were able to listen in on their conversation? This book is a collection of 100 tips that are revealed by these experts and will open the door for you to expand and grow your business, AND increase your profits! Are you looking to start a new business? Don’t consider it until you read this book! Are you interested in expanding your center of influence through networking? This book is full of innovative and powerful tips from top networking experts in the world today! Are you completely baffled by what to post, what not to post, and HOW to increase sales using social media? Our experts in social media—Facebook, Twitter and LinkdIn will give you their hottest, most time saving tips. Are you part of the direct sales industry and can’t figure out why your team isn’t growing? Look no further, we have some of the top income earners in the industry in this book who share tips that you won’t learn anywhere else. This book is a goldmine for the small business owner or entrepreneur! And best of all, our experts have shared their contact information with you so that you can learn more.

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Take a look at our line-up of incredible EXPERTS:

Jody Humphrey                              Dannella Burnett                        Ires Alliston

Bonnie-Ross Parker                       Mark A. Sterling                         Taneka Badie

Corey Moore                                   Angela Hemans                           Deborah Daniel

JoBeth Martin                                Carole Cheatam                           Laura Baker

Stephanie Combes                         Tracee Randall                            Carol Neal

Foreword (and bonus tips!) by Lorna Rasmussen