H.A.T. Training–How to Attract Your Team

HAT Training 4

This is a workshop that helps us identify which personality type we are in a fun, hands-on way. The audience is introduced to 4 different “HATS” or personality types and asked which they identify with most strongly. They are then given information that will help them quickly and easily identify the personality (or “HAT”) of others—that is, potential clients, team-members or co-workers. They are taught how to better communicate with and attract people with opposite and often opposing traits, and given instruction on ways to attract and/or ‘close’ people with all 4 personalities. The workshop is fun, interactive and informative. The audience is encouraged to identify and work on their weaknesses while becoming a “master” at attracting others! After being a part of these workshops participants take away a whole new perspective on communicating with others, therefore sales increase and relationships in the workplace are strengthened.

Testimony Time!  “Tonight was amazing!  I have so many notes and cannot wait to go through them again!  Change is good!!  2016 is going to be an AWESOME YEAR!” — Johna, Canton, GA

Ask about her 60-Minute Workshop for teams of 10 or less.

Several workshops are available-  2 Hour  *   4 Hour (which includes in depth training on sales and closing skills)

For more information about upcoming H.A.T. Training Workshops in the Atlanta area, go to Atlanta Business Spotlight.  To register for FEBRUARY 2016 BeTheVoice Workshops click HERE!

Testimony Time!  “Loved all the ‘meat and potatoes’ of last night’s training! Tracee’s stories are fascinating and while I learned so much from her training last night (red hat, blue hat, green hat, yellow hat & foot massages!) I know it’s just a glimmer of the mountain view she’s experienced. I can’t wait to attend her workshops and read her books. Applause applause to Tracee Randall! “–Anastasia, Atlanta, GA

Corporation Training—  H.A.T. Training is designed to help co-workers identify their own strengths, and better understand the strengths of each other.  Tracee has developed a 2-hour workshop designed to create a bond and team atmosphere to effectively help employees work together!  The workshop will make you laugh, so it is a fun-filled afternoon for business owners who understand the value of TEAMWORK when it comes to the “bottom-line”.  Companies who have used her H.A.T. Training workshops find that their profits increase as their employees can take the strategies of identifying their personalities and use them easily and quickly!

 Direct Sales Industry Training–This workshop is an excellent way to unite teams large or small and help them identify their skills and talents to attract new members to them!  If your company is looking to expand/recruit/build a team, this workshop is a MUST.  Tracee has 7 years success in building internationally in the network marketing industry, and is one of the most sought-after speakers and trainers.  Using this workshop she has helped not only her own team expand into 10 countries, but other teams expand globally as well.

Family and Group Training— Tracee has taken her workshops into women’s groups, Girl Scout Troops, Sports Teams (Volleyball, Soccer, Cheerleaders) to help them unify and work together as a TEAM.  It is a fun way to get to know each other on and off the field, and helps any team create success and WIN!

Contact Tracee today to learn more —  Tracee@TraceeRandall.com

Other Workshops– “Make Up Your Mind”– A workshop on goal setting and creating balance in the 8 areas of your life.  Find out how Tracee has been able to write and publish 4 books in less than 1 year while traveling and taking care of a family, husband, and speaking career!

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