90 Day Custom Program

90 Day Custom Program


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PERSONALIZED PROGRAM—This is the BEST solution for your family. With this program you will receive my personal attention & expert solutions that fit into the personality & dynamics of your lifestyle. With this program you & your family will achieve the best results because there will be accountability & one-on-one input. We will take into consideration the age & interests of your children and family!

This program includes:

• 60 Minute Interview & health survey to learn everything about your current lifestyle & habits that will help me create a program that is workable for your family, including surveys on 1 adult & up to 2 children that live in your home. (Modifications available for additional children)
• 8 —  15-30 minute phone sessions per month (2x per week first 2 weeks, 1 per week thereafter or as needed)
• FaceBook LIVE Educational Tips and Support
• Email Support
• Daily Tips & motivation that will help you create new habits
• Discounted access to any supplements or products you may choose to purchase as part of your program
• My 100% commitment to you & your family achieving your goals

Program Cost: $400 per month 1st month

$200 per month 2nd and 3rd month/ 90 day commitment

Total: $800* (Making monthly payments)

*or a 1x payment of $600 ($200 savings!!)

*Payment arrangements can be made


Contact Tracee today for a free 30 minute consultation to help us determine which program would best benefit your family.

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