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Sandy, Cleveland OH

My story starts in May of 2008. I was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkins lymphoma. I had a stem cell transplant in November of 2009, but even with that transplant I still have a 50% chance of my cancer coming back. I did a lot of research and everything pointed to nutrition and I started looking for something to give my body the best chance. I started the Reliv products in February of 2010. I was still suffering from chronic fatigue from all the chemotherapy. I had brain fog or what is called chemo brain and pain in my lower back where the cancer had been. The cancer had affected the nerves at the base of my spine and going down my left leg which caused the pain -within 2 weeks of taking the Reliv products I saw energy and the brain fog started to lift.  Within 5 weeks I started doing things I had not been able to do in several years, and at 5 months I was able to come off of 60 mg of morphine that I had been on. I thank God for this incredible product!


Susan, New Orleans LA

I was in a car accident in 2007 and broke all of my ribs, my back and many bones were fractured and muscles ripped. It was a horrible accident, and I was thankful to be alive! But it left me all but crippled. I had 2 young babies at the time, and just getting through my day I was in so much pain. I did everything I could to avoid taking pain medications. Physical therapy, chiropractic, massage, even acupuncture and I was still left hurting most of the time. Nothing really helped. I of course tried all kinds of natural remedies, spent hundreds of dollars on things that did not work. I was introduced to Tracee about 6 months after the wreck and although I was very skeptical I decided I would try one more thing. I could not believe the difference in just my energy level alone after 6 days on the Reliv products. Within 6 weeks the pain that I had been living with since the accident was 75% improved, and by 90 days of doing exactly as Tracee told me to do I was 98% pain free. It has been 7 years and I love the way I feel using the products. I also have seen great results with my kids using the products that Tracee recommended. I am very very grateful!


John, Gainesville GA

I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes just over 3 years ago. I started taking the Reliv products on May 11, 2011. After being on the products for only one day, I noticed the pain in my knuckles was not there and my fingers were more flexible than they had been in the past. I’m amazed at those results, but even better….after being on them for only 5 weeks, my blood pressure is in the normal range AND my blood sugar has consistently been below 100 allowing me to keep the pills in the bottle and not putting them into my body!
Tracee Randall has been a tremendous help in guiding me on what products to take and which amounts are right for my body. She is also a great resource for getting my questions answered and following up to make sure I stay on track.
When I hear about someone that is having health issues, I have to let them know about Reliv’s amazing products!


Mary Beth, Dallas TX

My son is 7 years old and is on the autism spectrum. His weaknesses are speech, language, diet and dry skin. He has been on the Reliv products for 6 weeks. In that time his skin has developed more color and is clear of dry patches. His language has become better, his sentences longer, and there is more conversation. He is also using more past tense verbs. His OT and Speech therapists are very pleased with his progression. His overall development is progressing better than ever before! He is also playing with kids and not just parallel playing. I am so grateful and excited about what will continue to happen for my son! I started the products because my son was going to try it. Anything he tries, I typically try first. I immediately felt better and my taste buds changed. I crave less sugar, and no diet cokes, which I would have 1-2 a day. As a result I have lost 15 pounds and my skin looks better. In a few days, my husband saw how much better I was feeling and he is taking the products as well! It is because of Tracee’s direction and expertise in helping us and connecting me with other mom’s to talk to about their children’s results that we have seen such great things happen. I am now sharing this with my friends and family because I want them to feel as good as I do!


Allison, Los Angeles CA

My son has ADD and after trying everything natural for 6 years I gave in and put him on medication. Thankfully my son was on his medication for a little over a year and then we found Reliv. Within less than 2 months he was medication free! He also has an immune disorder, his body has a problem absorbing nutrition from the food he eats. He has gained weight safely using the products! For me, I have gotten great results with a knee injury and I can run again! With depression, irritability and sleeping~~I had such low energy before Reliv that I was taking Vitamin B shots for over a year and drinking unhealthy energy drinks. My energy is increasing, I use Reliv’s 24K safe energy drink, and I feel great! I love what Reliv has done for my family and am passionate about helping others. Tracee Randall has been a great help in helping me understand the products and which products to take to get our results!


The testimonials on this website are the experiences of real people. However, we want you to know that while these testimonials are absolutely true, they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The nutritional products we recommend are not intended for the diagnosis, treatment, cure or prevention of any disease. Your body has a miraculous ability to maintain a healthy state, and when you give the body great tools it is capable of great things.


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