Robby’s Story

So many times it is our own personal journey that forces us to make changes in our life and create new habits.  It was the birth of our first son, Robby, that caused me to do the research, make the changes and eat healthier and change the course of our family’s health for generations.

Robby was born with a rash that covered his body from head to toe.  This rash controlled our lives.  We treated it medically until Robby was about 12 years old, but for 10 long exhausting years that rash was the center of our focus as a family.  I watched my son writhe on the floor in pain, itching, scratching uncontrollably for hours on end — as a mom his pain was unbearable.  He literally itched 24/7 and nothing, NOTHING we did for the next 10 years mattered much.  And believe me, we did EVERYTHING.

I knew nothing about homeopathy or natural remedies at the time.  But when the medical field was no longer effective in even controlling the itching through the use of steroids, we began doing our research and tried every type of remedy, every natural, homeopathic and nutritional supplement that we could find…yet Robby itched.  He would wake up in the morning and his body would be covered in open wounds– where he had literally scratched himself in his sleep.  He could put nothing topically on the wounds– they burned and itched.  I am so proud of this young man– most would have collapsed and given up, but he fought alongside me to find something that would help him.

In 2007 Robby was taking 25 supplements 3x per day, we were eating 100% organically, I cooked everything from scratch and at the end of the day very little had changed.  We were doing foot detoxes, light treatments, cleanses– nothing.  Robby suffered.  It was in April of that year that I learned of the Reliv product line, and met other Moms whose children had suffered similar to Robby but had gotten great results with the products.  Robby was no longer a child, he was 22 years old.  We followed the protocol they taught us to do with a combination of the Reliv products, and in 2 weeks Robby came to me one morning and he said, “Mom, I was lying in bed last night and I just started to cry.  It’s the first time I’ve ever felt comfortable in my own skin.”

You can imagine how I felt!  We continued to use the Reliv products, and in 6 months Robby was 95% free of this rash that had haunted him for 22 years.  He got married a year later, now has 3 amazing children of his own, and through healthy eating, clean eating Robby has been able to live a very amazing life!  Contact Tracee to learn more about the Reliv products!



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