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Here’s the deal.  Cancer is the #1 killer of our children today.  1 in 3 women will get cancer this year.  1 in 2 men are destined to get it as well.

It’s an epidemic and actually there is a simple solution.  YOU have to change some things and change them NOW!

There are toxins, chemicals, pollutants being pumped into our bodies every single day, so your only defense against disease is to BOOST YOUR IMMUNE system and limit the number of toxins going in.  It sounds simple but in reality it IS confusing.  I have done my best to simplify it for you here so that ANYONE and everyone can establish a “Battleplan for Health” with an WEEKLY ARSENAL CALL.  It’s FREE!  If you will listen to 1 call a week and begin to make 1 change a week….well, you WILL be healthier, you WILL have more energy, you WILL be creating a health legacy for your children and for generations to come!

Join me every Monday at noonEST for a live call with tips to create a healthy YOU in Body, Mind and Spirit!  Don’t miss it!  Each call is 30 minutes and is one simple change that will impact and empower you to walk in #MiracleTerritory in your health!

Here’s a list of recorded calls:

Playback #–
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2#- 11/16/15. STRATEGIC TIP #1:   Preparing mind, body, & spirit — stats on cancer & health!  The impact that WATER has on your health!

3#- 11/30/15. Holiday Battle Plan. What to do BEFORE the party!

4#- 12/7/15– Holiday Battle Plan–after the party –Reliv!!

5#- 12/14/15–The Power of Essential Oils in boosting the immune system! Meet Christine Powers to learn more!

6#- 12/21/15. Stress and the Holidays– The Blessing Tree

7#-12/28/15-  The Most Important Days of the Year!–The next few days are the most important of the year.  Detox your body from the bad things you ate over the holidays and PREPARE your mind to make changes in 2016 that will create new habits!

8#-1/4/16– The first Monday of the New Year!  The theme today is organization– “Slow Down to Speed Up”– How you begin you New Year determines how your entire year will be– are you organized?  Are you REACTING instead of being PROACTIVE?  This is a great way to start your new year!

9#-1/11/16–Setting Goals V New Year’s Resolutions  Let’s look at the 8 areas of our lives and get some BALANCE!!

10#- 1/18/16– 6 Steps to Goal Setting– Now that we have goals, how do we accomplish them?!

11#- 1/25/16- (Note: There is a 1 minute blank space at the beginning of this call.  Hit “6” to FastForward) Are YOU willing to EAT the FRUIT of your WORDS?  Words have power to build up or to destroy!  CAREFUL what you say, you just might get it!

13#- 2/1/16–STRATEGIC TIP #2–The POWER of Protandum with special guest Billy Brooker.  Listen to this call to find out what Bob Wright of the American Anti-Cancer Institute lists as one of his top 5!

14#-2/8/16–STRATEGIC TIP #3–My kids won’t eat vegetables!!  Aimee Oczkowski’s testimony of how her family’s lives were transformed will inspire!  Find out how she came back from a tired, worn out Mom to an amazing #PowerWoman by making 1 simple change!

15#- 2/14/16–STRATEGIC TIP #4–Debbie Loveless of “Natural Health Directions” shares important info about the power of Kangen Water–this is the #1 recommendation of Bob Wright, founder of American Anti-Cancer Institute for the PREVENTION OF CANCER.

16# – 2/22/16–BRAIN FOOD.  What are you feeding your brain?  This powerful call is one of my favorites.  Check it out!!

17# – 2/29/16–OPEN– NO RECORDING

18#- 3/7/16 — STRATEGIC TIP #5– Why was a woman’s family awarded $11Million from the company Johnson&Johnson because their products caused her ovarian cancer and eventual death, AND what’s the MOST IMPORTANT thing that you should do right now to help prevent cancer & disease?  This is an important call!

19#- 3/14/16 – It’s Okay to Be Angry– Are you angry about the fact that you can’t eat or drink certain foods and stay healthy?  If you ARE, I totally understand– I hope that you will listen to this call– I believe it will help you!

20#- 3/21/16- Cancer can’t grow in an alkaline environment.  This call will help you with some simple tips to help keep your body more alkaline!  What foods are acidic?  You might be surprised!  Why did a 7-year-0ld girl die of complications of strep throat?  It’s time to make some changes.  This call will help you!

21#- 3/28/16- Listen to this call to learn how a 94-year-old woman is cancer free in less than 90 days using Bob Wright of the American Anti-Cancer Institute’s protocol!  Wow!  It’s time to #GetMADaboutCancer– Make A Decision that cancer will not touch you or the ones you love!

22# 4/4/16-  Our body is being slowly poisoned.  There are chemicals in everything.  There is stress and high demands on our time and energy.  All of this is causing our immune systems to CRASH!  Our only hope is to keep our immune system STRONG.  Listen to this call to find out which nutritional supplement Bob Wright, founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute recommends and WHY.  It’s called Reliv and if you want more info about it email me today!  (

23# 4/11/16- Why we should NEVER eat or drink anything that comes from a cow.  This call is life-changing.  If you can reduce the amount of dairy you are currently consuming your health will change.  #TheLiesTheyHaveBeenFeedingUs

No Dairy- Week 3- Cover

24# 4/18/16  The Truth about Cancer.  A call to action.  A call for the care-giver.

25# 4/25/16  Should we detox?  And IF we should DETOX– HOW??

26# 5/2/16  Part 1– Sugar– Why is it deadly?

27# 5/9/16  Part 2– Why does the American Anti-Cancer Institute call sugar “White Death”?

28# 5/16/16 How does chronic PAIN affect our bodies, minds and spirits?  What I would do about it!

29# 5/23/16 What would I do if I got diagnosed with cancer?  This is an important call.

30# 6/6/16  What is the number 1 nutritional supplement that Bob Wright, founder of the American Anti-Cancer Institute recommend & how did he find out about it?  Interview with Dave Zurro.

31# 6/13/16  What is Whole Body Vibration and why should you know more?  Interview with Amy Tyler of T-Rex Fit.

32# 6/18/16  Thermography!!  Check out this great interview with expert Nina Rhea