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I want to share from my heart for just a minute, and see if you can relate to some of the challenges of keeping a healthy weight in a healthy way.

I spent too many years losing and gaining the same 10 pounds, over and over, even after trying all the things (the right things and the wrong things). In all that time, I just knew there was something “more” that was keeping me from having the success I so wanted.

Fast forward a few years, when I discovered a new product from an amazing company! After hearing about the science behind the Zenith product, I realized the “more” I was missing was the effect of leptin, and nothing I had done so far had been able to help with that.

Leptin is an important hormone in our bodies that helps regulate hunger, and therefore weight. I am so excited to have a healthy way now to manage leptin and lose weight without feeling deprived!

If you’ve struggled like I have and want to try this out for yourself, click the button below to send me your information and we can set up a time to chat!

Overcome the weight struggle

Can’t lose weight? Or struggle to lose 5 pounds and then gain it back quickly plus more?

It could be that you have Leptin resistance!

Leptin resistance results in a decrease in the ability of leptin to suppress appetite or increase your body’s energy use. Because of this, the main symptoms of leptin resistance are constantly feeling hungry and increased food intake despite having adequate or excess amounts of body fat.

It’s time to get off that roller coaster of yo-yo dieting and lose unwanted and unhealthy fat for the last time!!

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Don’t just take our word that this product works. Here are results from real people who have used our product to do what they didn’t think was possible.

6 weeks before and after

“6 weeks on Zenith. I’m down 14.8 lbs.  5.5” gone from my waist and 15” all over.”

This is a product backed by clinical studies and the average participant lost 21.3 lbs in 8 weeks.  🙌🏼🙌🏼

14.5 lbs in 4 weeks

👉  Maybe you’re like me…..on the roller coaster or yo-yo of weight gain/loss. 🎢

👉 Maybe you’re also like me, tried different diets, workout programs, etc, etc……some worked well but yet there I was one month ago heavier than I’ve ever been tipping the scale just under 250. FYI, I’m 5’8″🤦‍♂️

👉 These are my results after just 4 weeks 🔥 yes that’s 14.5 lbs gone and all I did was add one thing. No change in diet or exercise either.

Backed by Science

If your LEPTIN hormone is out of whack (and it probably is!), it’s almost impossible to lose weight and keep it off.  Watch this to find out how it works:

My Story

Tracee Randall headshot

So….my new and exciting weight loss journey re-ignites!! If you KNOW me you know it has been a lifelong struggle and I’ve lost and gained and gained and lost.

I’ve done all the right things, I’ve done all the wrong things…and I KNEW something was making it harder for me to lose weight (and keep it off) than it should!

I now BLAME IT ON THE LEPTIN. Apparently there’s this hormone that gets all out of whack and signals your body to be hungry AND store FAT, and I’m a pro at that!

Enter a product that has clinical trials proving to lose that fat and regulate those hormones and I KNEW I needed it at all costs!!

I started it recently (2 pills before 2 meals) and am fired up! I ordered six months’ worth to be sure I have it available!

Important to me is that it is SAFE, with no stimulants or ingredients that would make me feel funky. That should be important to you too.

I’m not changing anything about the way I eat, because I already eat healthy and drink tons of water. But I’m hoping this will HELP me be less hungry and more satisfied and not crave things that aren’t good for me.

I’ve never been this excited about a weight loss product!

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